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Welcome to the Loon's Nest Resort and our Curtis, MI Area Attractions. You will find great places to visit and experience within one hour of the Loon's Nest Resort.  Guests can enjoy visiting the nearby Seney Wildlife Refuge that consists of over 95,000 acres of swamps, islands, lakes, and wilderness.  We are conveniently located within 4 minutes is the Erickson Center for the Arts.  Guests will enjoy being just 40 minutes away from the Upper Tahquamenon Falls - one of the premiere UP attractions!  See below for photos, info and direct links to more information on these great wonders of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Curtis MI Attractions | Erickson Center for the ArtsErickson Center for the Arts
Curtis, MI Area Attractions

The Erickson Center for the Arts is one of Curtis Michigan's greatest attractions.  The center provides inspiration for the arts through theatrical performances, music, art, and cultural exhibitions and programs. 

"The mission of the Erickson Center for the Arts is to enrich the mind, body and spirit of the Eastern Upper Peninsula communities we serve through the presentation of artistic and cultural exhibitions and programs. We strive to facilitate experiences that will encourage personal growth beyond our walls and our community."  The Erickson Center for the Arts is located just west of downtown Curtis at Saw-Wa-Quato & Main Street and is a must see for Upper Peninsula Attractions. 

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Seney Wildlife RefugeSeney National Wildlife Refuge
Curtis, MI Area Attraction

Guests can enjoy visiting the nearby Seney Wildlife Refuge that consists of over 95,000 acres of swamps, islands, lakes, and wilderness.  This incredible refuge was established by the US Government in 1935 and offers guests the opportunity to view:  eagles, osprey, swans, moose, deer, geese, turtles, along with great fishing throughout the refuge.  We are located just 15 minutes away from this incredible refuge.  

There are many ways to explore the Seney Wildlife Refuge.  Visitors can choose to drive the Marshland Wildlife Drive, walk the Pine Ridge Nature Trail, bike, hike, ski, or snowshoe the back country, and canoe & kayak the Manistique River. Kayaking or Canoeing the Seney Refuge gives you and your family the opportunity to see wildlife up-close without disturbing them.

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Curtis Attractions | Upper Tahquamenon FallsUpper Tahquamenon Falls State Park
Curtis, MI Area Attractions Throughout the EUP

The Upper Tahquamenon Falls is set within a virgin forest with a walk path that guides you to this majestic waterfall.  The Upper Tahquamenon Falls is 48' high and 200' wide, making this the 2nd largest waterfall east of the Mississippi.  Over a half a million guests visit this natural wonder every year.  The Tahquamenon became famous by the author Longfellow who wrote the poem Hiawatha.  The tannic acid from cedars and hemlocks leach into the river, giving it the "root beer" color that so many people have come to appreciate.

Visitors will love the spectacular scenes that are available along the nature trail down to the falls.  Several viewing platforms are available to admire and photograph the falls.

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Lower Tahquamenon Falls Lower Tahquamenon Falls
Curtis Area Attractions Throughout the EUP

The Lower Tahquamenon Falls attracts people from all over the world. Each year more than a half a million visitors come here to explore the Lower Falls along with over forty miles of hiking trails. The Lower Falls is beautiful with its small cascading waters that people love to come and play in. In essence, it is like a natural water park! We invite you to experience the beauty of natural wonders of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Hiking is the most popular activity in the park.  The 4-mile River Trail parallels the Tahquamenon River between the Upper and Lower Falls, traversing through old-growth forest, giant cedars and hemlocks, and beautiful wild flowers. Hikers can park their vehicle at the Lower Falls and take a shuttle to the trailhead at the Upper Falls.

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Curtis MI Attractions | Pictured Rocks National LakeshorePictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Nearby UP Attractions

The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore extends along Lake Superior's shoreline from Munising and to Grand Marais, MI.  The 42 miles of beautiful Lake Superior includes over 73,000 acres.  The Pictured Rocks derives its name from the fifteen miles of sandstone cliffs near Munising, Michigan.  An array of colors occur when groundwater seeps through the cracks and trickles down the rock face. Iron (red and orange), copper (blue and  green), manganese (brown and black), limonite (white) are among the most common color-producing minerals. This specific region is extremely colorful and unique with sculpted cliffs made by nature's wind, rain and waves.  Shown in this photo is the Pictured Rocks Cruises with the Indian Head formation. 

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Kitchi-iti_kipi | Big SpringsKitch-iti-kipi | Big Springs
Nearby UP Attractions

Kitch-iti-kipi, also known as "Big Springs" is Michigan's largest natural freshwater spring.  Kitchi-iti-kipi means "big cold water" and is comprised of fissures that feed spring water through limestone at the flow of 10,000 gallons per minute.  This water has a temperature of 45 degrees throughout the year.  Visitors can view fish and ancient tree trunks through its crystal clear water while riding on the self-operated raft.  This gives guests a great vantage point in this incredible experience. 

The name means big cold water and is sometimes referred to as The Big Spring. It is northwest of Manistique about six miles (9.7 km) west on US Highway 2 and 12 miles (19 km) north on M-149.

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Oswald's Bear RanchOswald's Bear Ranch
Nearby UP Attractions

Oswald's Bear Ranch is the largest bear only ranch in the entire U.S.  This great bear ranch features four large habitats that encourage UP vacationers to explore and view these live roaming bears.  The ranch also offers "photos with the cubs" and apples to feed the larger bears.  This is a family friendly Upper Peninsula attractions that is sure to be fun for all ages.  Rescued cubs are brought here every year and they are always a joy to see. Area youth enter contests yearly to name these newborn creatures. People love to see them grow, play and become adult bears.  

The ranch now has 40 bears, 2 huge habitats (1/2 and 1/3 mile perimeter) and 2 smaller habitats (1/4 mile perimeter each). The yearling bears have a wonderful waterfall within their habitat. Located just 20 minutes south of Tahquamenon Falls, or from Newberry go 4 miles north on M-123 towards Tahquamenon Falls. Turn left at 4 Mile Corner (Deer Park Rd., Muskallonge Lake, H-37 H-407).  

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Toonerville Trolley | Riverboat TourTahquamenon Falls River Boat Tours and the Toonerville Trolley
Nearby UP Attractions

The TOONERVILLE TROLLEY, an authentic narrow gauge railroad, takes you 5 1/2 miles through thick forest, the habitat of bear, deer, moose, gray wolf, and many types of birds. At the end of the train line is your first view of the Tahquamenon River, where the riverboat is boarded for a 21 mile cruise down the river to the rapids 1/2 mile above the Upper Tahquamenon Falls. Tour #1 is a 6 1/2 hour round trip train and riverboat tour to our private access at the Upper Tahquamenon Falls. The only tour to Tahquamenon Falls. Tour #2 is a 1 3/4 Hour Wilderness Train Ride. 

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Soo Locks | Sault Ste Marie, MichiganSoo Locks | Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Nearby UP Attractions

The Soo Locks is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and offers a unique view of one of the great wonders man has achieved.  This maritime historical spot is legendary in the maritime world.  It provides a safe passage for large shipping vessels and is a wonder of engineering.  Over 1 million visitors visit the Soo Locks annually.  Visitors can choose to ride along in one of the many boat tours available at the Locks or simply walk through the park.  They offer a wide variety of maritime sightseeing adventures, including our popular Soo Locks sightseeing tours, enjoyable Luncheon and Dinner Cruises, and adventurous Lighthouse Cruises.  The park, observation platform, and visitors center are all open to the public and free of charge. 

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Whitefish Point LighthouseWhitefish Point Lighthouse | Lake Superior Lighthouse
Nearby UP Attractions

The Whitefish point Lighthouse is the oldest working lighthouse on Lake Superior!  One could call it the MOST important light guiding vessels and boats on the lake.  It is located at the most dangerous shoreline of Lake Superior, known as "The Graveyard of the Great Lakes.  This historic light was first lit in 1849 and it was one of the earliest lighthouses on the shores of this great lake.  Along with the lighthouse, the property features the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum which displays an incredible array of artifacts, including the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Also found at this location is the Museum Store and Whitefish Bird Observatory. 

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Whitefish Point LighthouseMackinac Island
Nearby UP Attractions

Horses, History & Hospitality - Mackinac Island is nestled in the straits of Mackinac where the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan meet. American, Great Lakes and Michigan history is rich on the Island, from military to commerce to the who's who of days gone by, everyone will enjoy the opportunity to enrich themselves while visiting Mackinac Island.

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We are located on Big Manistique Lake!
Loon’s Nest Resort is in the center of
the U.P.’s Largest Lake Complex.
World-class trophy fishing: Walleye,
Large/Small Mouth Bass, Perch, Bluegill
Sunfish, Rock Bass, & Bull Heads

Big Manistique Lake: 10,130 acres
North Manistique Lake: 1,722 acres
South Manistique Lake: 4,001 acres
Milakokia Lake: 1,956 acres
Lake Ann Louise: 311 acres
Millecoquins Lake: 1,890 acres